5 Things Why I love Solaire Resort and Casino

Solaire Resort and Casino is the most recent addition to Manila’s roster of great places to stay if you like the high life. It opened its doors on March 16, 2013. While it is a bit far from other establishments in the area, it does not really matter as everything you can possibly need for a great vacation is right there. Here are 5 things why I love Solaire Resort and Casino.

Solaire Resort and Casino
Solaire Resort and Casino

It’s Huge!

It isn’t really a building, it’s a complex. It sprawls over 21 acres (roughly 8.3 hectares) of ground and if you wanted to, you could spend a week without ever to put a foot outside, and you will not regret it. There are plans to make it even bigger, so that should certainly be something to look forward to. Currently, you have your basic 500-room five-star hotel, restaurants, retail stores, a grand ballroom for 1,000 people for events and live entertainment, and of course the casino.

Of course, the casino

The casino is just as everything you would ever need. It occupies an 18,500 square meter area wher you will find 1,200 slot machines of all types, 300 gaming tables, a VIP gaming saloon, and you can also choose to play online bingo at William Hill UK. Kids aren’t allowed in the gaming area because smoking is, which is just fine and dandy. Aside from the size, the casino is well-lighted, elegant and beautiful. It is scrupulously clean despite the smoking, and pretty ladies with charming smiles are constantly going around offering complimentary sandwiches and drinks to casino guests. It will not do to play on an empty stomach!

The rooms…

The hotel is definitely five star, with all the expected amenities and then some. All guests are provided with 24-hour butler service and can have a private chef if they want, and they all overlook Manila Bay. The view is certainly stunning, but not as stunning as the en suite spa facilities in the villas. As a relaxing place to stay, it is perfect.

Oh my golly, the food!

Like all good hotels, the buffet at Solaire is extensive and of the finest and freshest quality. In the mood for seafood? Try their crab legs. Pair it with a slice of their roast beef and add delectable soups and cheeses. If you love desserts, you will love Solaire. If you are just there for the day, you can also choose among the 15 dining options available, including the 6 stations available in the food court. You can choose the cuisine you like for as little as PhP 250.

They like me, they really do!

And last, but certainly not least in a place like Solaire, the staff are unfailingly courteous, friendly, and helpful. If you are not used to deluxe service, you might even feel a little overwhelmed. On the other hand, if you are a jaded jetsetter, it will surpass your expectations. It is just the type of service that will make you nod in approval and decide to come back the next time you are in Manila.

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Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

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